Walk, Run, Cycle the Isle of Lewis

Walk, run, cycle the Isle of Lewis

A place to call home.  The roads are quiet, the locals appreciate cyclists, ramblers and runners like nowhere else on earth.  It keeps the peace and it’s nature friendly.  Find out what Lewis has to offer…

From our home it is easy to get a regular walk under way each day.  Try the Three Lochs Circuit for something different to see every day.

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Whether you walk, cycle or run this is an island, almost designed, for you and your group.  Take advantage of the quiet roads, the old peat routes and the designated running routes all over the island.

With child friendly routes to challenging mountain hikes there is something for each of your party to enjoy.

Our home also offers a bike store, bike rentals, bike repair kits and a dry room so that you don’t have to offend the members of your group who are relaxing with stinky kit!

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